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A World…

I want live in a world where…

A woman knows a man loves her when he puts his arms around her body and not just when he puts a ring around her finger.

Nice guys finish first… second… and third

People judge you by what you say…what you do… and how you live and not just judge you by what you say you do for a living.

You can admire the beauty of a child without the parents looking at you as though you’re a pedophile.

Teenage kids trade in their copies of call of duty for nerf guns and water pistols.

Fat people get their driver’s license revoked until they learn the benefits of walking.

Every park has over a dozen swings … so no one has to wait to rekindle their childhood.

Everyone’s required to plant a tree once a year and climb a tree once a month.

Children read their parents a bedtime story… because everyone deserves to fall asleep hearing… “Happily ever after”

People are guided by their dreams and not just their gps.

Senior communities encourage children to be their neighbors so they can both sit by the pool and eat applesauce.

The news is nothing more than 30 minutes of them telling us all the amazing things that happened that day…instead of scaring us into never leaving our homes.

40 year old couples exchange notes as though they’re still 16.

We trade in all the supposed advances in technology for the hover boards we’ve been waiting for since Back to the Future 2.

The carnival is always in town.

The ice cream truck comes by more often than the fed ex truck.

Teachers can actually spend their days teaching and not raising other people’s children.

Celebrities walk around town completely ignored.

People are thrown in jail for not taking advantage of their freedom.

Kickball, twister and jenga are Olympic events.

Carmen sandiego and waldo scatter themselves across the world and wait for us to come and find them.

Ed hardy t-shirts cost $15 dollars… because that’s barely how much they’re worth.

Televisions shut down if they’re on for more than 2 hours.

Any parent that puts their kid on a leash is automatically locked in a cage.

Cops have to obey the laws they enforce.

Talented artists are contracted to put up graffiti on the walls.

Apologies replace lawsuits and a pinky promise is just as good as a contract.

The value of a home automatically doubles if it is built out of legos.

The only silicone a woman carries is from her cell phone cover.

Cell phones and credit cards are only available for use in emergencies.

Any photo changed with Photoshop has to have a disclaimer that says … “I look nothing like this.”

People gather their knowledge of the world from eyesight, insight and hindsight … not just from a website.

People don’t wait until January 1st to do something about their life.

People are just as inclined to give their home address as their email address… because they really do want to get together on Friday.

A woman doesn’t care what kind of car a man drives… she only cares that he is driven.

People spend their paychecks after they earn them.

Elevators have signs that say, “In case of obesity, please use stairs.”

The only apple that anyone carries is the one they intend to eat with their lunch.

No one sits, everyone stands… stand for a cause, stand for a purpose… or at the very least, stand up for themselves.

Every street is a school zone… because people need to learn to slow down.

The people with the most dollars are trying to make the most change… because that’s what makes the most sense.

You see, if you’re lost at whatever point you are in your life… you don’t need to look to your elders for advice or your colleagues. If you’re lost… you need to talk to a 6 year old… because they’ve got things in perspective.

A 6 year old would tell you to go to where the brightest colors lead you…

A 6 year old would tell you to see the world with eyes wide open, as though for the first time…

A 6 year old would tell you that every strip of pavement you pass should be drawn on with chalk…

A 6 year old would tell you that when it rains… the world is becoming a giant water park waiting for you to come out and play…

A 6 year old would tell you that dealing with stress by destroying your body with alcohol and drugs will never be as joyful as simply taking a bubble bath

But most of all…

A 6 year old would tell you that the circle will never fit in the square…

You see, we are grown adults trying to shove the circle into the square…

At a job that does more to destroy than to build us…

A relationship that causes us to sacrifice the things we love about our self in order to attain the love of someone else…

We are grown adults…

Trying to shove the circle into the square…

…and even a 6 year old is smart enough to know…

… it will never work.

I want to live in a world where no matter how old we are…

We’re all just 6 years old.

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  1. Kim permalink
    April 27, 2011 9:20 AM

    I love the thought of this world you desire & its nice to have sat here dreaming about it for even just 5 minutes, because it makes one realize there is more than just what we see in front of us. We have options & choices to make ourselves, the commuinty & this world a better place. Even with the mentality of a 6 year old. I think we should institute cookies & milk every day & a mandatory mental break or short nap from the stresses that dont slow down. I think we all need to slow down & re-think our daily routine, reach out to others, & alter our destinations.

  2. Tonkey permalink
    August 4, 2011 2:29 PM

    You, I can imagine, are a lucid dreamer first a foremost, you used to suffer from sleep paralysis but later found it to be more of a gift.. You often find yourself catching the clock at 8:08 4:44 or 11:11 a lot.. You see in energy and you are hyper sensitive to the world around you, you are very intuitive .. You know the inside and out of death and life and you know the suppressions that fear can bring on.. most of us have lost something which is the power to let go and watch our body’s be guided by the divine life force rather than trying to control that driving force.. You are not religious but very spiritual and in touch with the stars moon planets earth and elements.. We have to Remember to let our inside determain what’s on the outside and not the other way around. My number is 6786222734 I just moved by metro zoo from atlanta.. I don’t know to many people around here we should go to the beach and figure some things out Saturday around sunset and meditate

  3. kelly mcnulty permalink
    February 19, 2014 9:11 AM

    very provoking reflective truth. love all lines, but really drawn to no one sits but stands for a cause n themselves, n driven by dreams n not gps. inspiring

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