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I. Dare

While conversing with friends or family; don’t speak ill of anyone or have discussions regarding uninvolved parties.


For one week you are only allowed to eat food you cook yourself. No fast food, restaurants or convenience store packaged crap. Want a muffin for breakfast? Make it. Want a sandwich for lunch? Make it. Want chicken parmesan for dinner? You get the picture.


Take the longest and least efficient route to get to home from work.


Whenever you tell someone anything dealing with time, like when to meet or what time to leave, don’t use any increments of five. For instance, “I’ll be there in about 17 minutes,” or “just come by around 5:42.”


Have lunch at a local park.


Spend some time picking up trash in an area you often times find yourself at.


Go somewhere you have no reason to be.


Say hello to EVERYONE you see today.


Go by yourself to a movie you would not ordinarily see. (Double Dare)To add to this challenge ask to sit next to someone else at that movie.


Write a letter to anyone and everyone you know that doesn’t live in the same state as you.


Go to a local c.d. store. Try a “mom and pop” place if you can; the ones that sell used c.d.’s. Pick out a random c.d. or two. Buy them and listen to them.


Sleep an entire day. If this sounds pretty easy than you probably don’t need or deserve the long nap. If this sounds impossible because you’re too busy, then you need it more than you know and must do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make it happen


Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. Easy enough, right? Just talk about something with someone you don’t know.


Ask someone how they’re doing. If they just say, “fine” don’t settle for that. Tell them you really want to know how they feel and how they’re doing.


Start a journal and write at least a paragraph summary everyday.

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  1. January 9, 2011 3:01 AM

    I’m a writer/ singer/ dancer/ performance artist/ fine art painter. I contribute my arts to help people smile, escape, feel happy.

    Some of these dares you wrote I do regularly out of habit, have all my life. Like you, I’ve always felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. But I’m like a little humming bird putting out a forest fire with my tiny beak, while the rest of the forest animals tell me it’s pointless and watch it burn.

    But like that humming bird, I can’t stop. I just do what I can. I keep going and lead by example. Those who admire this will follow. I encourage and try to love every one.

    Here’s a few dares for you that I practice regularly:

    For and entire day tell everyone you love that you love them. Text, call, email, meet face to face, whatever it takes.

    For an entire weekend tell everyone you pass, strangers, friends, whoever… In your mind, say “I love you.” Give love to everyone you see. It feels amazing. You’ll smile unconsiously. When you give love out it will return to you almost immediately.

    For an entire week practice saying “I love and appreciate myself” in front of the mirror every morning. Feel it, beleive it.

    The more you love you, the easier it is for everyone else to love you. And in this way we will lead people to a better place. Practice telling yourself good things about you.

    Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate you.

  2. kat permalink
    January 11, 2011 3:35 PM

    wow, thank you so much!
    simply amazing

  3. September 5, 2011 10:18 AM

    i have done this dare.

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