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II. Double Dare

Offer to baby-sit for a couple that you know doesn’t have many opportunities to go out.

Pull a practical joke on a friend. There are other methods to getting humor out of your friend besides making fun of their moles and taste in music. You could send them a letter which leads them to believe they’re owed thousands of dollars. You could have fun with pictures and make them appear as though they’re dating a pit bull. One fun practical joke is to have a day full of repetition. You know, make someone think they’re having déjà vu. Like you could get on a bus, get off a few stops later, have your friends drive you up about a mile and then get back on the bus as though for the first time.


Travel across the globe from your living room. Pick any country you like. Learn to write and speak some of the language, watch the films, eat the foods and even wear some of the distinct clothing. (It only sounds cheesy until you do it.)


For an entire day… do not look in the mirror. Don’t even cheat by looking at your reflection from windows or car mirrors.


Try to catch yourself saying can’t, won’t or don’t. Avoid saying any of those words at all.


Find something within yourself that scares you. If you can’t honestly justify the fear, then do whatever it was that scared you


If someone behind you in line has a fairly small purchase when you pay for your item, tell the cashier/sales clerk to add the cost of that person’s items as well.


If you see someone walking or struggling to cover themselves in the rain as you drive by. Pull over and hand them your umbrella. Don’t ask if they want it, they’ll just decline. If they’re adamant on returning it, give them your number.


The next time you go to a coffee or donut shop pay for your purchase with small change. If the person at the register is nice and patient put at least 2 dollars in the tip jar and thank them. If they huff and puff about waiting, leave.


When you go to a local restaurant for lunch alone, ask someone who is sitting alone if you may join them. Seem enthusiastic about it. Don’t ask common questions like where they work or where they were born. Pick some random question to kick off the conversation. (Triple Dare) If the person invokes any interest in you, ask if they would like to have lunch again the next week. To add to this, ask them to bring a friend and so will you.


The next time you’re in line anywhere, intentionally take a long time to place your goods on the counter or find money in your wallet. Observe the responses from people in the same line. If they start to complain, ask where they’re in a hurry to go or in a hurry to do and offer them a ride or help.


The next time you go to rent a movie, bring three copies to the register. If the clerk asks about the numerous copies look them straight in the face and say, “If I like it I’ll want to watch it again” and proceed to rent all three copies. If you like the movie, lend it to two other friends. If not, go back to the video store and provide some story to tell a different clerk as to how you accidentally rented three of the same movie.


Ask a complete stranger to borrow any amount of money; 5, 10, or even 15 dollars. Tell them you’ll pay them back the next week. If they ask “what” or “why” just tell them that life got the best of you. If they gave it to you without hesitation or offered more than you asked, give them twice of what was borrowed when you pay them back.


Intentionally drop 5 – 10 dollars in an area where someone would see. Act completely oblivious to the loss and see if the person who picks it up returns it. Have a friend help spot out whoever picks it up. If the person who picks it up says nothing and keeps it, have your friend pretend to be the one who dropped it and ask for it back. If they give it to you right after you drop it, tell them to keep it and thank them for being honest.


Find a local spot that offers karaoke. Pick a song, any song you know and just get on stage and sing. (Triple Dare) To add to the challenge, find a song that’s a duet and find someone you don’t know to sing it with you. (Quadruple Dare) To make this even more challenging DON’T DRINK before going on stage.


Go one week without watching ANY television; not even the news. If you must stay informed that badly, get the newspaper. If you live with others, they will not watch television either. Don’t ask anyone to record anything you might have watched, either.


The next time you see a police officer walk right up to him or her and thank them for protecting you and ask to give them a hug.


Go to an electronics store and walk into the stereo section. Find a song you like and either sing along, dance or play the air guitar for the duration of the song.


Tell a fabrication to a trusted friend; maybe two friends. Ask them not to tell anyone and see if anyone else knows by the end of that week. If nothing comes from it, invite the friend to lunch, thank him/her for being honest and tell him/her the whole thing wasn’t true.


Whether or not you like them or get along with them; call your parents and tell them how grateful you are to them and how much you care about them. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve spoken they’ll probably ask, “Are you okay?” “You’re not dying, are you?” Just simply respond with, “Yeah, I am.” “I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna make it.” (Don’t worry, you’re not lying… none of us know.)


Take a day off work. When your boss asks why, don’t lie or say you’re sick, just tell him you wanted the day off.


Leave your cell phone at home. Did you know that there was once a time when people took time to think about their day. They would also embrace the quiet times to contemplate the challenges of the day. It’s odd. You get a friend on the phone to listen to the highly overestimated problems in your life. They need the whole story to provide their “insight.” After using your entire commute home to explain every detail and listen to their advice, you’re left even more confused then when the call began. Imagine if you spent that time um, thinking. That’s crazy, but try it anyway.  Try it for a day, two days, maybe even a week. You know, you could always SEE the people you want to talk to.


Take out the fuse that connects to your horn. Yup, that’s right, no horn! Put it back in whenever you feel like it. On second thought, put it back in when you realize how much other people honking their horn really annoys everyone on the road


Buy someone a gift. Besides birthdays and Christmas, people have to forgo labor pains or incur the expense of a wedding just to get a little gift. Why? You see something your friend would like, get it; regardless of whether their birthday is weeks or even months away. Are they any less deserving the other 363 days?

Cook a meal and share it with your neighbors

Take today to fix something that is broken

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