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IV. Quadruple Dare

Get really dressed up and go somewhere fancy. Seriously, “back in the day” people used to get dressed up all the time. Even though the women had trouble breathing because of how tight their 7 articles of clothing were, they still danced the night away at like, galas and stuff. Attractive clothing has become far more comfortable and accessible, and there are so many places to go besides restaurants.


Hug four random people. If you’re not polite about it, this dare might become more of a scavenger hunt to find out how many people own their own tazer. In all seriousness, just walk up, tell them whatever you want and give them a hug. Just four people, that’s it. Oh, people do love to cheat, though. So let me emphasize the “random” aspect. Let’s also add strangers, though if you’ve completed a few of these dares already then the term stranger is becoming pretty loose.


Throw someone a surprise party. As much as they’d like for you to believe, people are never surprised to come home to a room full of guests on their birthday. Now, let’s say they had a really crappy Wednesday because no one, not their boss, not their coworkers, not even their spouse took mercy on them. Let’s just say that person was contemplating taking a nice, warm bubble bath with their face pressed against the bottom of the tub make fun little bubbles with their screams of agony. “Oh, look at that.” “Everybody that means anything to me is here for no particular reason.” “Eating nachos and making humor of what might otherwise depress me is way better than screaming into water behind a locked door.”


Have lunch with a local bum. Don’t be afraid to ask, “How did you get this way?”


Take pictures of random people throughout the day. Buy a temporary camera if you don’t already own one and fill it up by the end of the day. If people get mad or ask why just say…”you’re so beautiful” or “life is precious” and they’ll probably leave you alone.


Get the materials together to wash a car and head to a local gas station. Wash anyone’s car who allows it and charge them nothing. If they insist on giving you money accept it and use the money for a nice lunch. The rest will help pay for the materials you used or help fund another challenge.


Live on the street. Don’t wait until something comes along that causes you to lose all you have. Take a day or night out and sleep on the streets. See life from that perspective.


Spend an entire day blind. Buy a pair of cheap sunglasses and cover the lenses inside with several layers of permanent marker until you really can’t see out of them. Try to get through the day with as little assistance as possible. Do not stay inside all day. Get lunch, do some shopping; do whatever you would have done that day.


Go to the grocery store and gather the materials to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. While still inside the grocery store, use any counter space available to put the sandwiches together and offer them to anyone who wants. If anyone questions you simply say, “Aren’t these the best?”


This one’s hard. Get a map of the United States. Close your eyes and run your finger along it. Have a friend or spouse rotate or shift it so you don’t cheat. Stop your finger and take a trip to as close of an area of where your finger landed as soon as possible. Make no excuses. Just go there for at least three days.


When you head to lunch order your food as you ordinarily would. When asked to pay, look through your wallet (which you would have emptied prior to walking in) and let them know that you somehow didn’t bring any money with you. Don’t ask anyone to help cover the cost of your food. Just make it known how upset you are and see if anyone offers to cover the cost.

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  1. Nela Ahmed permalink
    September 8, 2011 7:32 PM

    Your site and the set of dares are interesting. I do feel I’ve done many of the dares already.

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