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III. Triple Dare

Don’t lie, not a white lie or a fib or anything for whatever time range you think you are capable of; a day, a few days, a week or even a month.



Take a kid to a toy store and get yourself something as well. Now if you try getting some random kid and escorting them into a toy store, you’ll be reading this book from prison. But we all know a kid; a niece, a nephew, a friend’s kid, whoever. You know, there’s a dare higher on this list that challenges you to offer to baby sit. You could add this one to it. Don’t forget the second part, get something for yourself. A doll, a remote control car, a bike with pegs, a pogo stick, hell, even a slinky would count.


If someone in front of you is rude, impatient or boisterous, mimic them. Commit to this act. Don’t smirk or giggle or break the character. If they confront you for making fun of them tell them you’re not. Tell them how much stupid things piss you off, too.


Make up a really weird dream that involves someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, someone you speak to presently but rarely and a family member. Call each of those people and tell them about your dream. If, at the end, they still show any disbelief, tell them it was all just an excuse to call and say hi.


Invite your neighbor to dinner. When they ask what they should bring, tell them to make the main course and the sides but that you’ll make sure to have clean plates and silverware. Keep a straight face when you say this. If they agree, take them out to dinner somewhere nice another night.


Buy a bunch of coloring books and crayons and set up a table at the food court of the mall or pavilion of a park. If you don’t catch enough interest from onlookers, seek them out and ask if they would like to come over and color.


At the beginning of the week get $65 and put it in your wallet. Take out all credit and debit cards. Live on those 65 dollars for the week; all 7 days of it. Don’t stay home more than you ordinarily would. That money is for gas, food and any other expenses.


Leave your car at home and use public transportation or catch a ride from friends heading to the areas you need to get to. Do not use your car for anything for 7 days.


When you are in the beginning of a line, a long line; ask the person behind you to hold your space. Go to the end of that line and find someone who seems deserving and escort them to your spot in line. If the person behind you says anything, just tell them the person is your friend.


Steal. Merge method with madness and add a little touch of generosity. Steal something from someone you know. Take something they probably need to replace anyway. Make an adventure out of it by moving stuff around in the house, nothing major, just small stuff that only they would notice. When they start crying about their loss you’ll look like a caring friend when you get them a new (whatever you stole).


Stare at someone.  Not nonchalantly either. Blatantly stare right at any random person. It’s amazing how uncomfortable people are with being looked at. A world filled with people trying to look like and act like everyone else but no one can handle being the point of interest. A whole world of watchers that hate being watched.

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