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Journal Entries


You ever notice how similar most homeless men look to the way Jesus is depicted. It’s sad to think that if Jesus were alive today you’d just roll up your window and say, “I don’t have a dollar.”

I think it’s great that people help feed the homeless during Thanksgiving… I mean, it’s not like they’re hungry the other 364 days of the year.

The only thing more troubling than seeing the same homeless guy, everyday, at the same intersection… Is the day you don’t see him anymore… and you know why.

I can’t believe how many guys buy drinks for women they hardly know. A few hours later they leave the club with her fake number and a fake name, head home and get off the highway. A starving homeless man approaches their car and asks, “Can you spare a dollar for food?” He doesn’t give the man any money because he thinks he might spend it on alcohol. Or maybe it’s just that he wouldn’t want a blowjob from a homeless guy.


Most of the people going to church are just trying to earn their way into heaven. These are the same people who spend 3 hours a day in front of a TV because they can’t think of anything better to do… and they want to spend eternity in heaven? I can only hope there’s cable television up there.

Somehow, it is easier for society to believe they can get through obstacles without GOD than without technology.

Heaven is so over rated. What is there to do in heaven except converse with people? It’s hard enough to get people motivated who think they’ll live forever, try talking to people who are guaranteed eternity. Hell is far more eventful. People are more receptive to motivation; if nothing else than just to get their mind off the pain.

There are millions of people who find it hard to believe that Jesus ever existed. Not that he was a prophet or the son of god, but mainly because they can’t believe anyone would be that nice.

There are more people praying to god in hospitals and casinos than in church. And all they want is another dollar and another day to spend it.

Alcohol & Drugs

Who knows why so many celebrities have drug addictions? Maybe it’s the stress of having to take on other characters. Maybe it’s the pressure of constantly being in front of the cameras. Or maybe it’s just because they can afford to have an expensive drug addiction.

There was a time when people left the office to get some fresh air. Now they just go outside to


Beer is such an expensive form of urine.

Most of the things people do to cope with stress are more damaging than the stress itself.

If you’re not naturally boring, slow and un-motivated… you could always smoke some weed.

The two most socially destructive activities deal with the internet and alcohol. It’s frightening to think how much time people invest in both.

I tried to get some of my friends to help me with community projects. I wanted to prove to the world that young people do more than smoke weed and drink. But most of my friends were too busy smoking weed and drinking to help me.

Bartenders are amazing therapists. You can talk to them about any of your problems. Unless it’s alcoholism… then it just becomes a conflict of interest.

The radio says ladies get in free and drink free all night… as long as they whore themselves out to the guys that are charged $20 to get in. Radio ads are too short to mention the drunken regretted sex and STD’s you get… for free.

I think it’s great that casinos offer free drinks to players… because who wants to make irrational decisions sober?

Obesity / Latency

People are becoming more active… for instance… bicycle sales have gone up… apparently all you have to do to get people to ride a bike… is put a motor on it.

People who feel compelled to watch tv when they eat are like people who smoke when they drink.

The only thing most fat people do to lose weight is cry about how fat they are.

Fat people also love to make the excuse that it’s genetics, but I don’t think that a menu is a hereditary trait.

It’s acceptable to tell someone with a cigarette to quit smoking, it’s acceptable to tell someone with an S.U.V. they should get a more fuel efficient vehicle… then why isn’t it okay to tell a fat person to pull the fork out of their mouth, get off their ass and go jogging?

I always find it so ironic when I see fat people speeding. People are in a rush if it means putting one foot against a pedal, but not if it means putting two feet against the pavement.

Most people are hesitant to get a gym membership because they have to sign a contract. Can you imagine how bad business would be if they required people to go?

If you want to lose weight you can drive to the gym… or you could just walk everywhere else.

The only people who consistently go to the gym are the people who work there.

Their cholesterol can be high, their blood sugar level can be high, but it’s not until gas prices are high that people decide to walk.

It’s astonishing that people just continue eating long after their hunger is satisfied; just because they don’t want to waste their money or be wasteful. I’ll take one gigantic landfill over 70 million gigantic people any day.

People with broken legs fantasize about dancing.

People who can’t see imagine painting works of art and witnessing the world’s wonder.

People who can’t hear long for beautiful music and meaningful words.

Do you know what people who can see and hear and walk fantasize about doing???


They fantasize about doing nothing.

They rush through traffic. They hire other people to do things they themselves are capable of doing. They pay money to be able to shop at massive stores to avoid shopping at several smaller stores. All this so that they can do NOTHING.

As a matter of fact. It has become a staple of American culture to work your ass off so that you can do nothing as soon and as young as possible.

Parents didn’t want their kids playing out on the streets because they thought it would lead to them carrying guns or drugs. So they keep them inside the house and throw them videogames to keep them busy. Now most of those kids are carrying an extra 60 lbs.

My friend was recently arrested by the FBI for extortion. He borrowed money from everyone he knew and sold everything so that he could get a lawyer. He said he would do anything not to go to prison, not to lose his freedom. Freedom. Being the asshole that I am I said, “In prison you eat, exercise, read, watch t.v., talk to strangers and sleep. With all the freedom you’ve had you only do 3 of those things.”

Obsession with Money

It seems in today’s world we are witnessing problems that not only can not be resolved with money, but were caused by people having too much.

Money is a great way to avoid using your imagination.

Some people believe that money is the root of all evil. But an even worse reality is that money seems to be the only real source of motivation.

So many people are coveting their money. Saving for a “rainy day.” As though death doesn’t make house calls in inclement weather.

So the mugger said, “Your money or your life!”

To which the businessman responded, “What’s the difference?”

Thanks to credit card companies, millions of people are in debt. Before credit cards they were just broke.

People used to pay with their card because it was more convenient than cash… now people pay with their card because they don’t have the cash.


At one point the economy was based on supply and demand, now it seems it’s simply consumers demanding that someone supply.

English is becoming the most popular language, mostly because Americans are such great consumers. Anyone will learn our language if it will help them sell us something.

Most people go to the mall to buy an outfit to wear the next time they go to the mall.

The storm is coming. I see it, I cry out to the others,

But they wait until the sky is gray

And it’s too dark for them to see which way I’m leading them to.

And as the wind picks up I reach out my hand to theirs

But their hands are filled with all the possessions they can’t bare to lose.

And so the wind sweeps them away.

Those poor homeless people… they have nowhere to put their plasma t.v., no desk to place their computer and no leather couches to sit on for hours. Worst of all, they don’t have a mailbox for all their credit card bills to go to.

So many people have a problem with the idea of giving money to a church. I completely understand… why give 10% of your earnings to a church when you can give 40% of your earnings to Best Buy and Wal-Mart.

Renee Descartes once said, “I think therefore I am.” Were he alive today he might change it to, “I buy therefore I am.”

Perhaps, once we’ve filled impoverished countries with houses, televisions and computers they will become as empty as the United States.


It would seem as though technology has served its purpose:

It has shown how quickly “I want” can become “I need.”

It has shown that people prefer not to talk to each other when they talk to each other.

It has shown that companies prefer programs over employees.

It has shown that we have too much money accessible.

It has shown that 20,000 songs accessible still isn’t enough.

It has shown that people will pay any amount to avoid thinking.

Wanna feel like your flying through the clouds??? There’s an Iphone app for that.

Wanna tip a fake glass of beer and watch the imaginary beer empty??? There’s an Iphone app for that.

Wanna put up a framed picture of you and your equally drunk friends and need a leveler??? There’s an Iphone app for that.

What about when you get into your late 30’s and realize how much money and time you wasted on mindless activities and high priced electronics just so you could keep up with everyone else. When you want to regain those wasted years of you life… is there an Iphone app for that?

Most of our recent innovations are not designed to increase man’s ability but rather to help avoid “unnecessary” movement. Movement is the most necessary thing.

TVs and cell phones are amazing devices. They have managed to both cause and cater to attention deficit.

Technology is a beast, created by a few and being fed by millions and if we do not tame this beast it will devour us all.

People spend crazy amounts of money on technology. They’re so obsessed with staying connected. If someone wants the world at their fingertips, they should get down on their knees and touch it.

Technology has helped us learn many things. It has personally taught me that humans are a flawed program. We work less efficiently and are given more time to handle simpler tasks.

The advances in technology were intended to free up our time… instead it just gave people more ways to waste it.


You know the major difference between humans and primates? Humans have opposable thumbs. Poor monkeys, they can’t text message.

Text messaging provided a very necessary service, the ability to say absolutely nothing as quickly as possible.

Apparently, people would prefer to communicate with their thumbs than with their voice.

The popularity of text messaging can only mean one thing… no one wants to talk to people when they talk to people.

8 33 99 8 6 33 7777 7777 2 4 44 66 4 4444 7777 7777 8 88 7 444 3 – text messaging is stupid

Cosmetic / Superficial

I have yet to find a woman who felt prettier after reading a beauty magazine.

How do you compliment a woman with fake breasts? “Hey, I like your boobs, they match your personality.” Or perhaps, “You know, you carry silicone really well.”

With all the advances in cosmetic surgery… there’s very little physical scarring. It’s the emotional scars that are difficult to deal with.

It is against the law for you to cut up someone’s face to the point where even their friends and family can’t recognize them. It is illegal for you to stab someone in the chest with a knife… unless they pay you. Then that’s called cosmetic surgery.

Life & Style, O.K., Us Weekly… these magazines make billions of dollars a year; I wonder how much people would pay for pictures of your stretch marks and cellulite?


Click, click, click, click… farmvile is awesome.

I’m really glad you can get a high school diploma online, then get a college degree online, work from home through the internet, buy products online, order your food and movies online and have them delivered to your door. You can even make friends in chat rooms and social networking sites. Then subscribe to expensive websites and develop relationships with people online….  Because for a second… I thought we might actually have to leave our house

I was doing some work on the computer when my friend asked, “you have internet here?”

I said, “Of course not, I’m trying to get work done.”

Myspace was started by musicians for musicians, facebook was started by college students to keep in touch with other college students. Those 2 sites have millions of members, most of which aren’t even musicians or have never even attended college. I’m gonna start my own website and call it You don’t have to be retarded, but it certainly helps.

With myspace and facebook you can find old friends, get their up to date contact information… and then ignore them just like your new friends.

Youtube is amazing, isn’t it? It allows for people to spend their free time, watching what people do with their free time.

Life & Death

I have a terminal disease. As it stands now, science and medicine are able to postpone the symptoms but not for very long. When I found out, I called my friends and told them, “I just wanted to call you and tell you that I really care about you. I don’t know how much longer I have to live and today could be my last day here.” They asked what the name of the disease was. I said, “There’s a scientific name for it, but most people call it a pulse.”

What’s an acceptable age to die?

It depends.

On what?

Whether the person has lost movement or control, if the person doesn’t communicate well and especially if they’ve lost any sense of spirit or their will to live.

So basically, 80% of the world should be dead?

It seems as though most people are occupied with one of two things… prolonging life or postponing death.

There are so many people dying for nothing which is what makes it so important for you to live for something.

Why is life expectancy defined so incorrectly?

It is defined as how much time will pass before you die.

Shouldn’t that be death expectancy?

A much more suitable definition of life expectancy would be how much you expect from yourself over the course of your life.

If someone told you that you had 3 years to live. After the third year past and you were still alive, would you be angry? It would be the greatest lie no one ever told you.

Do you know the difference between a 60 year old man diagnosed with terminal cancer and a 27 year old triathlon runner…? Nothing… they could both die at any moment.

We all have 3 voices in our head.

The voice that keeps you awake at night.

Begging and pleading for you to make tomorrow different.

Screaming, “Why do you keep doing this?”

“When will your life change?”

“Aren’t you sick of this already?”

“What are you going to do?”

The voice that coaches you through the morning.

Making deals to get through the first few hours.

Saying, “Alright, we’ll take care of this during lunch.”

“We’ll get back on track after work.”

“Just get up, get dressed, get there on time and make sure to kiss anyone’s ass that has control over your paycheck.”

“If you do that just for now we’ll work on changing.”

The voice that tries to mediate between the two or at least drowns out their voices by keeping you distracted; though it tries to mask distraction as focus.

“Look at that pretty girl.”

“Hey, your favorite soft drink is on sale.”

“What do you want to have for lunch?”

You know the saddest part? The most honest voice of the three is the least successful in getting our attention. It cries out to you with such desperation that it echoes through your sleep in the form of dreams and nightmares.

Without dedication and passion, dreams die. Before you know it “just for now” will last just forever.

Fear of anything that does not keep you from dying only stands to keep you from living

Any day you’re alive to complain about is a day worth praising.

Why try to live twice as long??? Just try to live twice as often!!!

I was at a plaza when someone approached me and asked, “Which you like to contribute to finding a cure for cancer?” So I asked her a question. Once we cure the world of diseases… then what?

Why cure the people with cancer and aids? They’re the only ones living their life. There are walking, talking reminders of the fragility of life and the only thing that keeps us humble in any way.

All of us need cancer, every single one of us; because we, as a society have become cancer.

The only people living are the ones who know they’re dying

From the moment we came out of the womb, we started dying. From the moment people find out they have cancer they start living.

I love funerals… don’t you? I think it makes total sense that everyone stares down at the one person they can’t spend time with anymore instead of looking across at all the people they still have left.


I hear so many people complain about their corporate jobs. They hate that they have to wear a shirt and tie, or some retarded uniform that consists of khaki pants and a company polo shirt. Monday through Friday they wear the same thing. You know what bothers me??? All weekend they go out and wear the same fucking thing, black shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

If you think about it, a tie is a lot like a decorated noose; which is probably why they call them headhunters.


I’m glad there are laws in place to keep white people from senselessly killing black people or calling them niggers… now only black people do that.

Black people used to wear heavy iron chains because they were sold to white people. Now they wear heavy gold chains that were sold to them by white people.

The hip hop industry has made whores of young black men. They put out a c.d…. 14 tracks about how much liquor they can afford, how much money they can pay for women to fuck them and how many cars they own and what rims are on them. Then these kids rush out to pay money for the c.d.


People will do anything and pay anything to make pain go away. Pain is your body’s only way of telling you that something is wrong. When you shut off that voice, you shut off any real connection to yourself.

Pfizer is a multi billion dollar company. It seems there has become a very lucrative market in making people believe they’re broken.


Gangs are disgusting. They look for teenagers in high school who aren’t sure of what they want to do with their life. They lure them in by promising them that they’ll gain skills of value and if they prove themselves, promotions that will bring them more money. They seduce them by offering family to those that may not have one of their own. Then they require them to undergo a series of physical tests and take drugs before they let them become one of the group. Once they’re in, all they have to do is wear specific colors to show who their alliance is with, protect their territory at any cost, and understand that if they should they decide to leave without permission, they will be punished. Kind of like the military…; except they have deadlier weapons and are funded by the government.

It’s a shame that so much of the country’s optimism is wasted in casinos. People who can’t believe they might find a healthier relationship or a less stressful job but truly believe the next spin might win them a million dollars.

A lot of people in life say they feel lost; which is a very perplexing statement because most of them have no idea where they’re going.

Excuses are like assholes… They cater to people who are full of shit!

Karma is a bit overrated. Karma teaches lessons to bad people by making good people suffer.

Only in today’s society do complete strangers have more influence in your life than your friends.

People are praised for saying things in such a way that is enigmatic. The audience, desperate for knowledge, can only sit back and say, “Wow, that was beautiful… but I still don’t get it.”

A lot of people have trouble identifying and solving problems. This is primarily because they leave themselves out of the equation.

We spend 5% of our lives trying to solve problems, 15% creating the problems and 80% making the problem seem too big to solve.

There is no try. When it’s all said and done you either did or you didn’t. Try is nothing more than a barb wire net to catch you when you fall.

It’s no wonder we grow more and more fascinated with history. In today’s society we are not focused on the resonance of our voice, the great works that can come from our hands, or how far our feet can travel. Instead, we’re focused on prolonging our breaths, maintaining our strength and finding comfortable shoes.

If you ask any average American if they want to help make a positive impact on the world, they’ll most likely say,”yes.” Try asking them the names of some of their neighbors… they won’t answer so quickly.

I saw a woman wearing a red string and I asked,”What’s that for?”

She said, “Protection.”

“Why wouldn’t you get a concealed weapons permit or a restraining order?”

A plane designed to kill people moves 8 times faster than one designed to rescue people.

Thank god for long flights – were it not for those, no one would read.

Smiles are often times deceiving. Miserable people are usually found hiding behind an exhaustive smile.

If it weren’t for unplanned children, millions of people would continue wasting 9 month segments of their life.

As children we’re told to stay quiet and calm down. Through school, at work and by our spouse we are told to stay quiet and not do anything to embarrass them. Then we wonder why so much of the world has trouble expressing themselves.

Do you know what society calls people who use common sense..? Philosophers.

You can’t truly love someone if you’re afraid to hurt their feelings.

You can’t be honest with someone if you’re afraid to offend them.

You can not speak your mind if you’re expected to apologize afterward.

We can not develop a self expressive world if we sue everyone who upsets us.

The most successful lies come not from people’s inability to see the truth, but from their inability to accept it.

Rich people can afford psychiatrists, anti depressants and long vacations. Poor people can only afford to solve their problems.

It seems even evil serves a good purpose: It takes a thief to give us a true sense of worth and value. It takes a murderer to remind us of the fragility of life. It takes a liar to make us seek out the truth. It’s all the people who do nothing that pose the greatest injustice to society.

Our motives have become so dissolute:

It’s not what feels good, just what hurts least.

It’s not what will make us happy, just what’s least likely to make us cry.

It’s not what will make life more fulfilling, just what will stall death the longest.

It’s not what how much we might learn; it’s simply staying with what we know.

Of all the amazing things we do as children, the only thing we still do as adults is pretend. Pretend we’re happy with our life, pretend we like our boss, pretend we have more money than we actually do…

The filled parking lots at restaurants would make you believe that people like to go out and talk. When the reasoning behind it is that they couldn’t think of anywhere fun to go to and would rather put food in their mouths than have words come out of it.

It’s illegal to take someone’s life or even your own. Why isn’t it illegal to waste your life?


You’ll watch your cat throw up on the couch or watch your dog take a shit in your shoes and love them all the same, but if you’re friend exposes something about you that you don’t like, you’ll consider ending the friendship right then and there.

I don’t mind people treating their dogs like kids but I have a major problem with people who treat their kids like dogs; offering them a treat if they stop “barking,” putting them on leashes and dropping them off with anyone just to get rid of them.


So many relationships are doomed right from the start. The whole love / hate thing. Some people are just too busy being all the things they hate to ever become someone worth loving.

Women date guys who drive brand new cars. Cars they got because they didn’t bother to take time to fix what was wrong with the last one. Then the women are stupid enough to wonder why the relationship ended so quickly.


It’s not the amount of sleep you get at night but what you do during the day that truly rejuvenates you.

The best thing about being at the bottom is that you don’t have to question what direction you’re headed.

People will always consider you a failure until you succeed.

There is nothing, no treatment, no medicine, no facility that will lengthen your life better than doing what you are truly passionate about.

They say you should treat everyday like it’s your last. I say it’s much more beneficial if people treated today like it was their first day. They wouldn’t dwell on how many times they tried and failed, how many times they’ve loved and lost and they wouldn’t remember how many people told them they couldn’t or shouldn’t.

Friends are like clothes…

It doesn’t matter how good they look around you; what matters is how comfortable they are when close to you and that they’re able to last for years.

Do you know how to tell the difference between someone who’s wandering and someone who’s lost? The person wandering is looking at everything but the person who’s lost is looking for one thing in particular.

Do you know why boxers wear gloves? Not to soften the blow, but to inflict further damage; so they don’t hurt themselves when they hurt their opponent. Maybe we should all take our gloves off; so that we can feel how badly the things we do hurt others.

I lost my wallet. I spent 3 weeks trying to prove who I was, which is funny. Because who I am has nothing to do with what’s in my wallet.

Somehow a spider got in my car the other day. It was just as afraid of me as I was of it. My instinct was to find something to kill it, because it might bite me. That moment reminded me of this war on terrorism.

I lost my cell phone… I’ve never seen my friends as often as I did in those 2 weeks.

I found a way to rid the world of racism. I’m going to host a massive orgy in a room with no lights. On the outside of the door will read, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

My friends got on my case because of the way I am with money. They don’t understand why I don’t put my money into a savings account. My savings account isn’t held in a bank. You see, I gave money to a young girl who had almost no self esteem left. As a matter of fact, no one paid her much attention until she started charging for her attention. I did what I could to save her from a life of prostitution. Then another 15 year old kid, whose friend paid him 10 bucks to pick up some weed for him, got a novel idea that he was going to be a drug dealer. When I saw that destructive glimmer in his eye, I helped him get some clothes and took him to a few job interviews. That was another deposit into my savings account.

Last Sunday I chased an ice cream truck for 3 blocks. I finally caught up to it and bought an ice cream cone for $3.50. When I got back home my sister asked, “Why did you spend 3.50 on ice cream when we have ice cream here?” I responded, “I didn’t spend 3.50 on ice cream, I just did my part to make sure I always hear the sweet sound of an ice cream truck on the weekends.”

I was out getting lunch when I overheard a woman say to her boyfriend, “You act as though I’m not even here!” I thought, how wonderful would that be? To be so natural around someone. To be so honest in your actions and your demeanor. To give someone the comfort of not having to wonder if you’re just pretending to be someone you’re not… but I’m sure she just felt like he was ignoring her.

I would love to get to know people but I’m not patient enough to wait for them to stop lying.


Most people I know watch television to help them fall asleep.

I wonder if it’s just coincidence that the first 2 letters of MTV are M T (empty).

There are just some images too gruesome for people to witness; like open heart surgery, children dying of starvation or 20 people being executed… unless you put it on television, then everyone will watch it.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. August 18, 2010 4:05 AM

    Only one thing could I possibly disagree with on this page.

    My mother has hyperthyroidism, which IS genetic and makes it very difficult to lose weight. She is also the nicest, most kind-hearted person imaginable and often her kindness is taken for weakness.

    There is also hypothyroidism, which makes it very difficult to gain and regulate weight, among other things, but of course most people don’t see that as a problem.

  2. August 18, 2010 5:48 AM

    Okay, maybe just one more thing. Yes, there are a lot of stupid iPhone apps out there. But it’s not the iPhone that is inherently evil.

    We’re talking about a device that can be all of the following BESIDES a phone, and fit in one pocket:
    bottomless notepad (save some trees)
    scientific calculator
    voice memo recorder
    world map and GPS
    alarm clock, world clock, timer, stopwatch
    camera and video camera
    internet radio
    language translator
    currency converter
    small touchscreen monitor for your computer
    PDF/magazine/Book reader
    countless electronic instrument apps which emulate hardware that normally costs more than the phone itself (i.e. KORG Electribe, TouchOSC)

    I could go on and on. You can even update this WordPress from an iPhone.

    So like I said, the iPhone is not inherently evil. It is a powerful device that can replace a lot of other things you might not be able to fit in your pocket, or might otherwise forget to carry around, like a calculator.

    Now, I agree there is still a huge problem with the iPhone, and that is Apple’s “walled garden” approach. When you buy something, it becomes your property to modify and customize as you see fit. Jailbreaking makes this possible on the iPhone.

    But only 1 in every 10 iPhones is jailbroken. The other 9 people don’t utilize the true potential of their expensive device.
    I’d guess that 4 of those 9 people don’t even utilize the potential that Apple DOES allow, using only the phone and text messages, as if owning an iPhone is some sort of status symbol.

    I once used my iPhone during a rain storm to predict a short break in the rain so I could walk to the store. On my way to the store I walked by a group of 4 or 5 girls who were all dolled up in little black dresses, soaking wet. One of them was talking on her iPhone while another stared blankly into her own, tapping out some text message, probably asking someone for a ride to get out of the rain. Probably a guy who she otherwise wouldn’t be texting or even acknowledging.

    The girls asked me how I managed to stay dry even though it just stopped raining.
    I couldn’t help but laugh at them and say “Maybe if you knew how to use those iPhones, you could figure it out…”

    It’s like cavemen trying to use a gas grill to cook…

  3. January 11, 2011 10:10 PM

    I heard you ( I am not sure if this is the same person) at churchill’s reciting a poem with a mask.
    And would like to talk to you about a movie we will be producing this year, to see if we can use some of your material since it is completely relevant to our script.

    Please reply whenever you can

  4. February 1, 2017 6:43 AM

    Men who rob, men who steal
    Men who try to wheel and deal
    Their way into your heart and soul
    Will do ANYTHING to gain control……..

    Please reply

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