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Not So Far Fetched Figures…

Your year consists of 8,760 hours. Think about that… then read this.


Per year, the average person spends:


31.2 hours finding a closer parking space


33.8 hours reading celebrity gossip


152 hours text messaging


244 hours recreationally consuming (eating out of boredom)


368 hours surfing the web (myspace, youtube, facebook)


390 hours shopping for crap they don’t need and can’t afford


728 hours stressing about finances and credit card debt


910 hours watching television



Let’s not even mention the amount of time people spend:


Playing video games, drinking alcohol, smoking (whatever), downloading stolen files, altering their physical appearance, gossiping, doing drugs, screaming through traffic, etc.


So basically the day goes like so…



Wake up 5 minutes before alarm,

Press snooze,

Get up 20 minutes after alarm went off,

Crawl to bathroom,

Splash water on your face,

Attempt to brainwash yourself into going to work,

Skip breakfast,

Watch the news,

Check email,

See if stolen download completed,

Change the way you look,


Hop in car,

Scream through traffic,

Look for parking,

Grab over-priced coffee,


Stress about money,

Gossip while driving,

Scream some more,

Look for parking,

Enter job,

Pretend to work,


Go to bathroom just to get away,

Splash some water on your face and praise yourself for making it that far,

Check email/myspace,


Browse online stores,

Buy something,

Continue to pretend to work,

Stress about money,

Take prescription something,

Pretend to work some more,

Go to lunch,

Gossip on cell phone,

Look for parking,



Talk about how shitty your job is,

Zone out,

Finish your 48 oz (that’s 3 pounds, by the way) cup of soda,

Head back to work,

Look for parking,

Pretend to work some more,

Go to the bathroom,


Zone out,

Finish your shift,

Scream through traffic,

Look through cell phone contacts for anyone to call,



Take meds,

Look for parking,

Walk around mall/shopping plaza,

Buy something (because you “deserve it”),

Eat something,

Watch t.v while eating (because there’s at least 6 television screens wherever you chose to eat),


Stress about money,

Shop some more,

Look for car while gossiping,

Head home,

Check myspace/facebook,

More celebrity gossip,


(Insert preferred drug here),

Watch t.v.,

Play video games,

Download some more files,

Stress about money,


Zone out,

Fall asleep to t.v.,

Wake up on couch,

Walk to bedroom while promising to make tomorrow different,

Wake up,



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  1. iris permalink
    March 30, 2009 10:22 PM

    oh that’s so depressing!

    • January 9, 2011 4:56 AM

      But so true for most peolple. I think I used to be that way…. This gave me flash backs of my early 20’s!! Yikes! So glad I found change @ 30… meditation, yoga, love for my career & self. I hope this helps others.

      In order to fulfill my favorite quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

      My new productivity rules:

      7 hours sleep
      Wake/ drink water/bathroom/change into sweats -5 min.
      Walk dog briskly, say “Hi” to people on street – 10 min
      Home: feed & love cat/ make bed/ get yoga mat… – 5 min
      Meditation/ yoga – 20 min.
      Breakfast: fruit, oatmeal (home cooked,) glass of water- 20 min
      Write: while eating (or read online news, only positive things, science findings, etc) – 20 min.
      Shower/teeth/hair/clothes/makeup -30 min.
      Car: listen to cd (happy music) or think, creative, positive thoughts on the day ahead -15 min
      Work: check email, return email, chose 3 major things to tackle before break -4.5 hours
      Bathroom break: much needed relief, powder nose, apply gloss, love my reflection -5 min.
      Lunch: BIG SALAD!! 16 oz water, whole wheat crackers, & fruit (some personal calls, texts) – 1 hour
      Work: tackle 3 or more major tasks -4 hours
      Wrap day up: check work email once more, create schedule for next day – 30 min.
      Bathroom: before hitting the road *sigh, feels great!* -5 min
      Drive home: listen to happy cd, call friends to get together, check in with Grandma… etc -20 min
      Home: walk dog, feed cat, give them love! – 20 min.
      Say “Hi” to neighbors while walking dog, smile at everyone I pass
      Dinner: Make fresh salad, chop lots of tasty ingredients, steam more veggies, and make brown rice, glass of red wine, & water – 1.5 hours
      Check personal email, voice mail, return calls & texts – 20 min.
      Check weather for weeks forecast – 1 minute
      Check for positive news – 10 min (at most)
      Check in on my friends & family on facebook (“Like” everything good my ppl are up to) -10 min.
      Stretch, some yoga, breathe, meditate- 10 min
      Shower/ teeth/ hair/ moisturize/ drink water – 20 min
      Bed! Say prayers, words of gratitude for my loving family, friends, a career doing what I love, my talents, pets, my home, my body…. Thank you. Good night.

      This equals 22 hours 51.6 minutes. I still have time for traffic, significant other or a date, a game, sleeping an extra hour, working out, making love, or writing a poem… time for whatever, and I’ve already had a whole day of doing things for me. 🙂


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