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One Man Believing In 37 Million People

A lot of people are excited about Barack Obama becoming the president. Millions of Americans tuned in to witness what they refer to as “history in the making.” The hopes and dreams of many lie on the shoulders and rest in the hands of our 44th president. Our nation is in desperate need of the change that Barack has promised to bring. It’s definitely a great time for change. Thousands of people died during the September 11th attacks. Hundreds of soldiers have died overseas. Over a million Americans have lost their jobs. Many of us are experiencing economic hardships because of the many occurrences over the last decade. We have become lost and weakened and so we look to others to solve these large issues. However, the impact of bureaucracy does not truly take effect until initiated by its people.


Barack Obama is not the most powerful person in America, you are.


He can pass laws to reduce costs of medication but its society who decides to bring itself out of depression and anxiety. It’s society who has to face and conquer its fears.


He can help to provide medical coverage but he can’t get lazy ass people off the couch. He can’t sit their and monitor people’s food consumption. He can’t change the mentality of people who have grown comfortable blaming genetics and food preparation for their increasing obesity. Those people would just have to decide to take accountability for their body before they could ever be healthier.


He can work towards recovering our nation’s debt but he can do nothing to change your desire to spend money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need.


He can pass bills to allow better funding for education but he can do nothing about the millions of parents who never bother to help their children with homework. Parents who wouldn’t be able to help with math or literature because they don’t bother to preserve the knowledge. Grown adults who don’t know how to spell or add because they’ve grown dependent on technology to do the work for them. Parents who don’t show up to school meetings or get involved in any way.


He could provide millions of dollars in funding to provide parks for children everywhere to play. The only problem is that those kids don’t own Frisbees or kites, they own video game systems and laptops that were intended for school use but does nothing more than help them watch YouTube videos.


He can reprimand corporate America in an effort to protect our environment. Maybe that might do something. While people throw trash all over the place or don’t bother to clean a mess they didn’t make.


Maybe he could even help farmers protect or even expand their crops. While society continues to eat out of recreation instead of hunger; millions of people drinking half gallons of soda and fitting 4 pounds of food into their busy schedule.


He could work with state legislature to improve roadways and traffic. Of course, more lanes and smoother roads would just give way to more reckless driving and more cars to collide with. Because he isn’t the one who dictates the rush people seem to be in. We would need to drive more cautiously and sacrifice a T.V. program here and there.


Maybe, just maybe he can increase safety and reduce the crime rate. Would it really matter? Haven’t we already decided that everyone is out to get us? We keep our distance from one another that are on the brink of paranoia.


As commander in chief perhaps he could end this senseless war and strengthen our rapport with other countries. Meanwhile, here at home he can do nothing about the fact that most of us neither know nor speak to our own neighbors. Our neighbors; who live on the same street, share the same language and live under the same flag. We can’t even get along with our neighbors, but we’ll continue to expect him to get along with people globally.


He’s going to bring our troops home… by doing what? Carrying them on his back?

He’s going to bring hundreds of thousands of jobs… how? Is he going to pull them out of his ass?


It really doesn’t matter either way. If after 4 years if he did absolutely nothing to improve this world how would that make him any different than you?


If he fails we’ll do the with him what we’ve done with our parents, spouses, friends and GOD… take credit for anything that goes well and blame him for anything that worsens.


Some politicians spend our money doing things to help society. But this act must take place by force and obligation. They don’t ask if we want taxes taken out of our paycheck. If they did allow us to do it voluntarily, how many people would give anything to benefit anyone other than themselves? The same amount of people that roll down their windows and give a homeless person money for food. We manage our finances so poorly that come January; we’re pulling receipts from every crevice of our house if it will get us our money back. Don’t question what politicians are doing with your tax dollars, ask yourself what your hard earned money is doing to improve your life, or someone else’s for the better.


We just want problems to go away. We want someone else to do it. Many are willing to stand for a noble cause so long as they can do it from the comfort of a chair. We sit there smug in our living room thinking, “Well, there’s only so much I can do.” WRONG! There’s so much only you can do.


Once again, Barack Obama is not the most powerful person. His words may be powerful and his message may be heartfelt but let’s be real; he has a team of at least 12 people that write those speeches. But it’s not his words that won him the presidency, it’s his passion and it’s solely that passion that he has control over, nothing more. The role of the president is to say yes or no, pass or reject, fund or end… that’s all. If he chooses to initiate any changes of his own, he would have to gain the acceptance and the approval of hundreds of politicians before it even gets printed on paper. Even those things he chooses to support will take years before they impact any of us.


We, as individuals don’t need the acceptance of anyone or anything except our conscious. We don’t need to set up meetings and print out hundreds of copies for our ideas to improve the world around us. We can jot those ideas down in a notepad and work towards completing them before the ink even dries. We… you could set up meetings, not to convene as strangers with opposing views but as a community of friends and an ever-expanding family.


Our actions take effect the second we commit to them. When we decide to change our home, our way with the community and our desire to help, we and everyone we know will feel the effect immediately. Not in the form of a trickle, no, a tidal wave will sweep over and cleanse the filth we’ve allowed to cover our country, our world.


He is not our leader. That would imply that we as a nation and its people are out on this mission with him. We claim to be so busy with our life that the candidates spend millions in campaign dollars just to get us to take the time to vote. Sadly, people’s involvement stops there. They check a few boxes and sit back with a mentality of, “Well, I did my part; let’s see what he does with four years.” Our vote; our single, solitary effort to improve the world.


So, you can continue to put your hopes and dreams into a single, powerless individual or you can empower yourself to get things done. You can continue to check the news to see what happened or you can make it happen. 900 politicians in Washington D.C. with stacks of papers and months of meetings it will take years to fix to real problems of today. But we need only a day.


The blood of millions has been shed on foreign soil by people who believed in their country.


For over 2,000 years man has slain on another because of their beliefs in their god.


But no harm has ever come from people just believing in themselves.

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  1. Marisol permalink
    April 14, 2009 7:23 AM

    Unfortunately Americans are so pre-occupied with what they want and not what they need. They are all waiting for someone else to do something about it and not take any action themselves. American’s need to take action and protest when they don’t agree with what the government is doing. I think they don’t even know they have the option.

  2. john mehia permalink
    September 29, 2009 9:21 PM

    This is so true!

  3. Daniel Mederos permalink
    January 16, 2011 10:44 PM

    I would really like to help you in any way I can I have knowledge in photography, videography, technology , and I’m a musicians. Also I have an advertising company so we can do a lot with that. Your message inspired me and I would really like to be given the opportunity to help.

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