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News anchors are trying to find the scariest words possible to describe today’s events.

Hundreds of millions of people are buying lotto tickets so they can afford the same misery as rich celebrities.

The entire global consumer economy is being based on 16 year olds.

Someone is sending an email instead of a letter.

Someone is sending a text instead of calling

Someone is running a red light but stopping abruptly at the next one; if they make it to the next one.

A mother is handing Ritalin instead of a coloring book and crayons.

MySpace and facebook are dramatically changing the definition of friend.

A woman, driven by fear is signing a marriage certificate instead of a restraining order.

Someone is buying something they don’t need with money they haven’t earned and they will shove it into space they don’t have.

A husband and wife are having lunch and staring at the menu for well over 10 minutes, not because they can’t figure out what to order, but because they’re disgusted by the sight of one another.

Millions of people are going to YouTube to spend their free time watching what other people do in their free time.

An obese child is playing a basketball game on his ps3 instead of at the park.

A popular plot of grass is being filled with cement to build a plaza for shops that no one will go to.

Scratch off lotto tickets are littering the same strip of sidewalk that a homeless man rests on.

A woman is subscribing to an overpriced dating site because the lifetime channel has made her paranoid of leaving her home.

An eight year old who still struggles to remember his home address knows every word to the latest Lil Wayne song

Someone is suing someone… not out of moral principle, but because that’s how they make a living.

Someone is starting their day with anti depressants, painkillers and a muffin.

Someone is using a computer to find a job that a computer took.

Someone is watching a movie, based on another movie, based on a book that everyone is too lazy to read.

Someone is looking for a solution to their problems at the bottom of a beer bottle. If they don’t find it in that one, they’ll look for it in another.

Someone is using their wallet instead of their imagination.

The president of a non profit is heading to work in a $56,000 car.

Reality is being further distorted by tv programs claiming to depict it.

A 14 year old boy is heading to the library, not to check out a book but his myspace page.

A 16 year old girl is sending a text message instead of a note.

Someone is attempting to eat their way through the depression of obesity.

A man is more likely to pursue a woman 300 miles away than one who stands 3 feet away.

A boy’s fixation with video games is causing him to gain weight and lose friends.

A man is buying a $6,500 engagement ring to convey his love while his girlfriend is getting cosmetic surgery just to feel worthy of being loved.

Someone is marrying a coworker because they don’t bother to meet people anywhere else.

A physical education class is ending, not for the day but for good.

An art class is being pulled from the school curriculum.

A parent that works long hours is spending over an hour looking for a gift to buy their child to make up for the hours they’re not spending with them.

Someone is saving themselves broke chasing after good deals.

Someone is stalling resolving their own problems by reading about Angelina’s.

Michael Jackson is getting more respect dead, than most people gave him when he was still breathing

Someone is waiting on hold for 14 minutes to speak with someone in customer service.

An author is publishing their fourth book in a series titled, “Simplifying Your Life.”

A woman is getting liposuction instead of a pair of sneakers.

A McDonalds is being built next to a Jenny Craig because it mutually benefits both companies.

This is what’s going on right now. Most people don’t know what they want…they only want what they know. This is what our society knows. But most certainly, not what any of us really wanted. We need to be reminded that life is much simpler than this complicated manifestation that we created… in an attempt to simplify what was already simple enough.

Sometimes we head so far down the wrong path that we refuse to ask for help finding our way back. Because it means admitting that we’re lost, that we made a wrong choice. But what if someone came along and provided a sense of relief by saying, “In case you were wondering, the way back is this way.” We’d hug them, we’d thank them and we’d probably cry. We’d be overwhelmed by the sense of relief that we could go back to where it felt natural…where it made sense to be… A day in our life where we don’t have to rationalize irrational behavior.

This is what I’m trying to offer all of you … a way back.

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  1. August 5, 2009 12:13 PM

    I like this page too, it’s the business world’s biggest secret… let’s make every one feel worthless so they can buy stuff to make them feel worthy or better than the next guy.

  2. August 2, 2012 2:56 AM

    Atlas!!! This is Meghan you met Tuesday (with Sky). I have rallied up my best friend and we’d love to do some art… trouble is… no contact on your business card and YOU have MY number and not me, yours…. so… give me a text on how to contact you and I’ll get you in touch with some friends! 🙂

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