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Unsettling Wisdom

Why is life expectancy defined so incorrectly?

It is defined as how much time will pass before you die.

Shouldn’t that be death expectancy?

A much more suitable definition of life expectancy would be how much you expect from yourself over the course of your life.


Most of the things people do to cope with stress are more damaging than the stress itself.


The two most socially destructive activities deal with the internet and alcohol. It’s frightening to think how much time people invest in both.


They’re is nothing, no treatment, no medicine, no facility that will lengthen your life better than doing what you are truly passionate about.


Only in today’s society do complete strangers have more influence in your life than your friends.


The best thing about being at the bottom is that you don’t have to question what direction you’re headed.


People will always consider you a failure until you succeed.


Hospitals help to keep people breathing, art keeps people alive.


If no one does what’s RIGHT there won’t be anything LEFT.


While searching for my purpose

I wore my feet down to the bone

So with the strength still left within my hands

I created my own


Experience means nothing compared to the desire to succeed. You can do something wrong forever or you can do it right once.


The news doesn’t just tell us what happened but uses fear to help us make their lies real.


Some people believe that money is the root of all evil. But an even worse reality is that money seems to be the only real source of motivation.


There are so many people dying for nothing which is what makes it so important for you to live for something.


Death is certain, life is questionable.


Ideas take years, decisions take seconds.


People with broken legs fantasize about dancing.

People who can’t see imagine painting works of art and witnessing the world’s wonder.

People who can’t hear long for beautiful music and meaningful words.

Do you know what people who can see and hear and walk fantasize about doing???


They fantasize about doing nothing.

They rush through traffic. They hire other people to do things they themselves are capable of doing. They pay money to be able to shop at massive stores to avoid shopping at several smaller stores. All this so that they can do NOTHING.

As a matter of fact. It has become a staple of American culture to work your ass off so that you can do nothing as soon and as young as possible.


People are praised for saying things in such a way that is enigmatic. The audience, desperate for knowledge, can only sit back and say, “Wow, that was beautiful… but I still don’t get it.


The path to wisdom is filled with the mistakes. The only shortcut is for the man willing to listen without making his own mistakes.


There are those who build houses to live in and those who build houses for others to look at.


Those who can not beat you in the race having nothing left but to trick you into believing you’re on the wrong path.


Some people live in pursuit of happiness, others simply create it.


Those who can not afford knowledge are most likely to seek wisdom.


I have yet to find a woman who felt prettier after reading a beauty magazine.


We all have 3 voices in our head.


The voice that keeps you awake at night.

Begging and pleading for you to make tomorrow different.

Screaming, “Why do you keep doing this?”

“When will your life change?”

“Aren’t you sick of this already?”

“What are you going to do?”


The voice that coaches you through the morning.

Making deals to get through the first few hours.

Saying, “Alright, we’ll take care of this during lunch.”

“We’ll get back on track after work.”

“Just get up, get dressed, get there on time and make sure to kiss anyone’s ass that has control over your paycheck.”

“If you do that just for now we’ll work on changing.”


The voice that tries to mediate between the two or at least drowns out their voices by keeping you distracted; though it tries to mask distraction as focus.

“Look at that pretty girl.”

“Hey, your favorite soft drink is on sale.”

“What do you want to have for lunch?”


You know the saddest part? The most honest voice of the three is the least successful in getting our attention. It cries out to you with such desperation that it echoes through your sleep in the form of dreams and nightmares.


Without dedication and passion, dreams die. Before you know it “just for now” will last just forever.


A lot of people have trouble identifying and solving problems. This is primarily because they leave themselves out of the equation.


If we invest… if we focus our time solely on today we’re forced to repeat it. But if we resolve to plan for a different tomorrow we leave little possibility for repetition.


The downfall of not knowing where you’re going isn’t necessarily not getting there, but rather not acknowledging when you are there.


It is greater than god.

It is worse than the devil.

The poor have it.

The rich want it.

If you eat it you will die.

 … Sometimes the answer is nothing.


Most celebrities aren’t known for anything particularly special. They’re just known for being well known.


We spend 5% of our lives trying to solve problems, 15% creating the problems and 80% making the problem seem too big to solve.


Life has a funny way of giving you what you deserve rather than what you want.


The average person refuses to believe they’re average. Normal people stress over avoiding mediocrity.


Hospitals are such unsettling environments; too loud on the outside and far too quiet on the inside.


History always bored me. It focuses on what men have done yet there is no competing subject on what man ought to do.


Professionals truly passionate about their craft aren’t the ones who write books, they’re the ones still occupied with reading them.


Our emotions are completely out of sync:

We hope at the end of the day and doubt at the beginning of the day.


People spend so much time thinking about what others think of them that they have little time left to think about what they think of others. Think about that.


An umbrella makes you less likely to get wet but far more likely to get struck by lightning.


You’ll watch your cat throw up or watch your dog take a shit but if a friend tells you something you don’t like to hear you’ll consider ending the friendship.


The only sure thing that science has taught us is not to rely on science.


The most dangerous and destructive lies aren’t the ones you tell to others but rather the ones you tell to yourself.


There is no try. When it’s all said and done you either did or you didn’t. Try is nothing more than a barb wire net to catch you when you fall.


It’s so ironic. Time and time again we build monuments for people who encouraged us to give time and money to noble causes. In an attempt to honor these people we display the greatest amount of disrespect and hypocrisy.


It’s a shame. It’s only when some of our things are stolen that we take into account all that we have.


In retrospect, it’s not our failures that disappoint us… it’s the lack of attempts.


Only pessimists live lives free of disappointment… if you want to consider that living.


The best educators are not the ones who stop to teach, they’re the ones who simply continue to do.


In a society where we pay people to critique, it’s no wonder we don’t bother to gather our own opinion.


It took the greatest minds several years to conclude that we use only use 10% of our brain but no one has stepped up to the challenge of deciding how best to use it.


We quickly accept information deducing our limitations but shy from those informing us of our capabilities.


We are so concerned with people’s capabilities and not their actions. As long as a child is able to read or a man is once again able to walk we consider the task done. We care not if the child reads or where the man goes.


Some men do things that other men write about. Some men write things that are worth doing. The most adventurous of men write and carry a list of things to do.


I always prefer being hated for my honesty than being admired for lies.


We ignore the words of the young and avoid the words of the old which is why we spend much of our time lost in the middle.

 Children have the imagination and the energy but no control or budget.

Elders have the wisdom and the passion but neither the time nor the energy.

Rather than accumulate these riches and add them to our own we pursue the false and ever fleeting ones.


The only thing more beneficial than treating tomorrow like it’s your last day would be to treat it as though it were your first.


Why save for a rainy day when there’s more fun to be had on the sunny ones?


Jumping from one place to the next will tire you far more quickly than walking.


Liars are able to make lots of friends, but a greater enemy of them self.


Only the diligent can enjoy recreational time because they are the most likely to do something with it.


The poor believe wealth is the key to happiness; the wealthy know better.


There are two kinds of people in the world:


–           The ones who make mistakes and the ones who fail to acknowledge mistakes that were made.


–           The ones who have something to say and the ones who have to say something.


–           The ones who listen just enough to know when to speak and the ones who listen because they’ve chosen not to speak.


–           The ones who strive to answer the questions and the ones who strive to question the answers.


–           The ones who travel in search of food and the ones who stay to farm it.


–           The ones who are actively living and the ones who haven’t died yet.


We are our thoughts. So if we think of what others think of us then who are we then?


Businesses will always employ those who can help create but be controlled by those who can imagine.


A man who speaks and then does works twice as hard as the man whose actions speak for him.


It’s no wonder we grow more and more fascinated with history. In today’s society we are not focused on the resonance of our voice, the great works that can come from our hands, or how far our feet can travel. Instead, we’re focused on prolonging our breaths, maintaining our strength and finding comfortable shoes.


What will Hollywood do when we run out of great people in the past to make movies about?


People are so focused on world impact that they ignore opportunities to assist their neighbors.


We’ll consume more of our morning pondering the meaning of a dream than we will spend contemplating our day.


We’ve exerted more effort into preserving the source of the words than honoring their purpose and meaning.


The good only die young because the angels long for their company.


If the noble, wise and caring are not justly appreciated then the angels will be eager to bring them back to heaven.


Friends are like clothes…

When you’re ready to do real work it doesn’t matter how good they look only that they are durable enough to last through the task.


You can carry 600 pounds in a wooden cart a few times before it breaks or you can carry 300 pounds and have it last forever.


I am strongly anti-everybody but I am passionately pro-anyone.


If you know where you are when you get where you’re going you probably ended up where you began.


Fear is not a way to approach life. At best, it’s a way to stall death.


The poor are full of excuses for what’s missing in their life; the rich have nothing left to blame.


The wisest people are not the ones who ended with the right answer; they’re the ones who began with the right question.



Some of the greatest ideas never came into fruition simply because they were seen as nothing more than ideas.


We accept the likelihood that someone is out to ruin our life but deny the possibility that someone would be out to improve it.


It’s sad that people are more likely to take advice they paid for. Not because it’s deeper, more thoughtful, more personal or has more resonance. But simply because they don’t like to waste money.


No one and not even everyone will give your faults and blemishes as much attention as you do.


Listen to jazz music. That’s it, just take some time and listen to jazz music.


Mirrors are great for reflecting light, helping to transmit signals and expanding space but they are horrible ways to devise beauty.


Who knows why so many celebrities have drug addictions? Maybe it’s the stress of having to take on other characters. Maybe it’s the pressure of constantly being in front of the cameras. Or maybe it’s just because they can afford to have an expensive drug addiction.


As the obstacles in my life left my feet bruised and my hands bloody they slowly healed my broken spirit.


The only thing I got out of lengthy meditation was a numb ass.


People can see from my scars just how often I’ve tried and failed…

But they need only look at my character to know that I succeeded.


Some people study physics, some people study psychology, some people study astronomy. I just study people.


If you study people as long as I have you’ll realize that it’s not dying that they fear, but living.


I never really knew what I wanted to be in life but I always knew what I wanted to avoid becoming.


Growing up without parents was a blessing, not a burden. I may not have had anyone around to tell me all the things I could be, but more importantly, I didn’t have anyone telling me all the things I couldn’t and shouldn’t be.


I got stressed out about not being able to afford finishing college. Until I realized that I was genuinely after the knowledge and not the degree. Now I give myself homework and choose my own textbooks and courses of study. Ironically, I thought I would never complete my education and now I hope I never stop.


I was always fascinated with the piano.

Such an amazing instrument capable of invoking so much emotion.

I wanted to know how it did what it did.

At first glance I watched the fingers of the pianist.

I saw the piano keys get pressed down.

I opened the piano to watch as the softened hammers struck against the string.

But it wasn’t until I closed my eyes and just listened, that my curiosity was quenched.

That’s how it really works.


There is nothing left that I fear but quite a few things left that I don’t understand.


The best thing about having nothing is not having to fear that someone will take it.


Life is a lot like a math problem. When you find the answer you don’t need anyone to tell you you’re right.


The people I know who have read amazing books were also the people who had the most uneventful life. Or even worse, prolonged the vicious cycle by writing their own fictional story. I had a hard time reading books. People would always suggest for me to read books they thought were amazing. Books about a boy and his dog, books about friends who fly kites; I just never saw the point. Why would I spend hours of my life reading a fictional story, hoping to relate to one of the characters, perhaps luckily discovering something about myself or taking away some lesson? Hundreds of pages adding up to one phrase? Why not write your own story and have hundreds of lessons by the time it draws to an end?


I used to write poetry.

Initially, I found it to be very therapeutic.

There was something on my mind, I’d grab a paper and pen, put my thoughts into words, put the words on the paper, tried to make them pretty by rhyming and then be done with it.

However, it was never done. A day later, a week later I would just find another way to say the same thing because I wasn’t free of the torment of the emotion. It was such a false sense of healing. I didn’t fix anything.

People were hurting me, life was getting the better of me and stress was ridding me of sleep.

My journal was full, but I felt so empty.

One day, I asked myself a very important question.

Do I want to free myself of the pain or make a skill out of dictating and transcribing it?

It took me a little while to answer.

But when I did, I closed the journal and started opening my mouth.

I used my “journal” time to confront my problems and the people associated with them.

I felt so much better than I ever did with pretty words and ink.

I haven’t written in my journal since.

Because I haven’t had to.


I don’t know why people use the expression, “alone in your thoughts;” my mind is the most crowded place I’ve ever gone to.


I have a horrible memory. I used to see a specialist about it because I wanted to fix the problem. It got so bad that when someone would ask, “What’d you do yesterday?” I was literally unable to answer. I considered my memory, or lack thereof, as a depressing burden I would have to bear. Then, as I grew older, I realized something wonderful. Any success or joy I obtained came from having a poor memory. I forgot when I failed which caused me to keep trying, I couldn’t bring bad habits from yesterday in tomorrow, and I couldn’t remember people’s negative comments or pessimistic suggestions.


Most of our recent innovations are not designed to increase man’s ability but rather to help avoid “unnecessary” movement. Movement is the most necessary thing.


In the past centuries the greatest minds invented ways for people to travel farther and to speak to larger audiences. In this century the greatest minds have created ways for people to sit and text.


There are many that are willing to stand for a noble cause; as long as they’re able to do it from the comfort of a chair.


Most people are hesitant to get a gym membership because they have to sign a contract. Imagine how bad business would be if they required people to go.


Once we’ve lost the desire to trust our instincts we’ve lost the ability to trust anything.


Most people can’t figure out what to do with 2 hours of free time but hope to live in heaven for eternity. One can only hope there is cable television in heaven.


There are millions of people who find it hard to believe that Jesus ever existed. Not that he was a prophet or the son of god, but mainly because they can’t believe anyone would be that nice.


What is inspiration without motion?


Adults are just children with money and teenagers are just infants with farther reach.


Most people don’t know what they like; they only like what they know.


It’s a shame that so much of the country’s optimism is wasted in casinos. People who can’t believe they might find a healthier relationship or a less stressful job but truly believe the next spin might win them a million dollars.


Heaven is so over rated. What is there to do in heaven except converse with people? It’s hard enough to get people motivated who think they’ll live forever, try talking to people who are guaranteed eternity. Hell is far more eventful. People are more receptive to motivation; if nothing else than just to get their mind off the pain.


Beer is such an expensive form of urine.


Their cholesterol can be high, their blood sugar level can be high, but it’s not until gas prices are high that people decide to walk.


People see fit to challenge words but easily accept numbers.


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  1. Kim permalink
    August 7, 2011 6:11 PM

    I want some of whatever your eating, drinking or taking to be able to capture my thoughts so ammusingly well. – Kim

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